How we hooked an antique brass telegraph key up to a real Netflix UI.

FastMetrics, Part 5 - Aggregation and Analysis

Aggregating and analyzing the real user metrics collected from the field.

FastMetrics, Part 4 - Mapping from IP to ASN

Building an IP to ASN resolver service based on routing tables.

FastMetrics, Part 3 - Maximizing Resolution

Getting more data from less bits - maximizing the resolution of your histograms.

FastMetrics, Part 2 - Client Side Aggregation

Why and how to aggregate on the clients, website metrics example.

FastMetrics, Part 1 - Building a Log Server

How to monitor fast moving metrics out in the wild, without averaging or sampling.


How we put the Netflix stack (the Gallery / Lolomo) on a few old Android phones.


How we put Netflix on an original unmodified Nintendo Entertainment System.


The Voice of Netflix

Have the computer speak like the Queen.


Lossy Links

Simulating asymmetric traffic shaping in the style of the Magic Modem.



My actual name is Guy. Nope, it's not short for anything, just Guy. I'm primarily a programmer, sometimes a guitarist, rarely a fan of describing myself, and I've dabbled in kernel development, particle physics, robotics, and linguistics. I'm a big fan of traveling (but not commuting), interacting with people, and trying to get Firefly Season 2 made (despite people telling me to give it up).

I'm currently working at Netflix, a longish walk Southwest of San Jose, CA. You can also find me around online:

All code on this site is available on the Apache license and used at your own risk. If it breaks, you get to keep the pieces. More on that to be written.